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Youth Initiatives


Like women youth are also among those vulnerable groups of people in our areas of operations. They have no access to employment opportunities and they constitute over 70% of the total Uganda’s population. YANEF is aware that the future prospects of our country lies in hands of empowered young people. In Uganda youth face highest dependence ratio which range between 110-115% (SOURCE: NPA STRATEGIC WORKPLAN 2010- 2015) described to be the highest worldwide. In such instances they become vulnerable to social, economic and political barriers. For these reasons such phenomenon comes with several other related challenges such as contraction to HIV/AIDS, increased cases of immorality such as prostitution, high poverty rates, and luck of skilled personnel to compete favorably at the current labor market, low production and the vicious cycle of poverty continues.

YANEF has streamlined youth empowerment programs which involve training Vocational training skills, engaging them into small and medium enterprises, providing accessibility to credit facilities, engaging them in Governance issues for effective representation of youth issues and affairs. The program has ensured youth are encouraged to acquire relevant academic skills by providing scholarships and bursaries which facilitates them to upgrade their academic skills and competencies at University and tertiary colleges. In this regards we address the issues of ignorance and we provide vocational skills for their sustainability and quality of life


Still under the Youth programs we provide more empowerment programs by promoting youth talents through sports, Music Dance and Drama which is also a big source of employment opportunities in the current labor market in Uganda specifically in our areas of operations. This also reduce on over redundancies which leads to crime discrimination and contraction to HIV/AIDS and the related consequences

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