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Community Outreach

Community Outreach PROGRAM

Our methodologies of implementation are more based on intensive community outreaches and sensitization across families and communities. Through this intervention we are able to make baseline surveys to find out the nature of the project that will address the problems identified. This approach also gives the implementation team the true life styles of the final beneficiaries and knowing the greatest areas of concern which requires urgent interventions.

The community outreach program helps YANEF to identify the key stakeholders of the particular projects and this helps to minimize project costs, promote project efficiency and management as well as ensuring collective planning and implementation. Through our routine outreaches we are able carry out effective dialogue meetings, sensitization, collective planning with the relevant stakeholders and finally we register a pro-peoples projects, value for money, result oriented implementation and eventually achieve the desired impact.

To release a movement of committed young people who will take the good news to every generation.